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I have been for a long time and observer of the deep web and made some friends there. Long ago we had CYRUSERV by its charismatic founder and owner Cyrus the Great. I talked to him about running my own server and he was glad, because he wanted to bring back his XMPP service CYJABR.

I decided to get some servers and run Gentoo Hardened on them just as he would. I once had hosting with him when he was doing this sort of thing. I started installing Gentoo, and put up a Mediawiki, but unfortunatly circumstances meant I was away for a while - and not allowed to touch my server.

When I came back I could put things online and in my solitude I had many ideas. I managed to implement an SELinux policy and audit it so stuff works for customers. I was an editor on The Uncensored Hidden Wiki which is now defunct, and this got me some publicity.

With publicity came some menacing individuals who attacked my MediaWiki. I still do not know anything about how they did it. I could always restore it, but it got annoying. I was browsing wowaname's 'Volatile' git repo. I saw a site generator uploaded by one of her users and tried setting it up.

In the end I failed to use that software and I cannot even remember what it is called. I decided to make my own website in PHP. Part of the benefit of this was to strengthen my PHP skills. I started with a single principle in mind: all content added and changed must be from SSH.

At first it just had a header, some links, a body, and a footer and was fine for a basic site. The links bar was based on pages that had been put in the directory alongside the script that powers the site.

I added more and more pages and as such there were quite a lot of links. I then made it read a text file for 'top' links which were in the order I wrote them in the text file. This allowed me to put all the core stuff for the site in one place, and everything else below.

I wrote a blog for the software which just dates them based on when the files were modified or created. At the moment it is hardcoded for the modification date. I lost my creation times due to user error in my shell account where I manage the site.

For my GPG keys and canary I wrote an include feature so you can include text files in your pages and these files can contain HTML. It makes having a canary easy because a simple shell script can use search and replace to put the latest details in, and also upload the canary to the remote server with the site.

I made a way to have a page with pages under it for guides so I could explain to people how to use software like WinSCP and PuTTY to upload a website. Some other guides explain how to change ones password, and I kept it pretty simple.

Then I made a friend called t3chn0 and he knows a bunch of European languages. I made the site support other languages and such. Languages were specified in a text file and listed them all at the top of the page. If there is a translation for the page you are on, you can click the top bar and be taken right to it.

I also made a system so you could have a text file of prices and include a price list. I plan to make it one can include single prices as well, but that is not done yet. Price information displayed on the site get data from some simple text files that are created by a cronjob and script.

Thus the site was running my business quite well, and it would not get nuisance hacking and trolls messing with it. It also didn't use very many resources, though it currently chews up quite a lot of file handles. One current limitation is that to print the menu links, it opens each page to gets it title metadata to know what human names to give the links.

In mid 2019 a man contacted me about operational security and such because he wanted to write under a nom de plume. He did not want an Infantile mail account and he did not want my hosting. I did however supply him with my sites core page.php and tell him what files to create to get it working. I also helped this man set up a mail server much like my service Infantile as far as relaying is concerned.

I realised I had an asset and that people could benefit from this picosite software and use it for good and evil. I also had sent my code in the past to developers I came across and they had no patience to work it out. I realised I had much work to do in making it suitable for a wider audience.

In October of 2019 I copied just the core 'page.php' off my server for my own website and created a Git repository. I created an extra branch for experimenting and called it fiddling. My development approach is an iterative one about changing stuff and seeing what happens.

I wrote some documentation for the code and started with some principles. A major one is backward compatibility with old page files and what configures the site. Another was that features were optional except for having a basic 'main.page' file. There is also its first principle that it contains no methods in its code that can cause changes on the server.

While implementing the new priniples and such I also cleaned up the code quite a lot. It has a static 'guides' feature which still exists for backward compatability with my site and my one user before it became open source.

In my first publications smartarses noticed its flaws and caused trouble with my website, at first I just adsorbed them by raising limits on my server. I cleaned up a bunch of redundant code, and made things a bit cleaner. A lot of the early code was written on weed, and newer code on dabs of meth.

I still have a long way to go and have to make considerations about caching information so it doesn't open so many files each page load. This is a tricky prospect considering it can't have methods which write to the system.

There is also many ideas in the TODO I wish to implement to make it easier for people. One of these is to have some kind of BBcode parser so people can write pages in that, which is much easier than HTML for the drug lords out there who may wish to use it. A RSS generator for the blog might be useful, as might be a 'last changed' date when viewing any kind of page.

As of now I am working on another Git branch, the one for this demosite of which this page is a part. I have got the code working and it is doing the website for my onion hosting perfectly. The demosite will in its instance on my server be a shop that advertises services related to this product. It also will contain an easily accessible way to get to the documentation and licence.

Other projects related to this will pop up, I have a Python script which generates for Kaizushi's Little Onion Server a canary. What that is, is a GPG signed note with plenty of referents especially the hidden service for KLOS itself. As such, that being posted means I am around and things are good. They can't force to post one, as I have a right no to incriminate myself.

Other stuff I have done for the open source release is to have some files like config.php and template.php which are optional. I was using Globals, but it seems a new call to set a global in PHP can't overwrite an old one, and these will be replaced with static methods. The current version I have split main and config globals so the software works.

One should once they have installed the software thereafter only update the page.php to the new version. If you want to add a feature you should let me know, I am still learning PHP. I can quickly do an update so there are hooks and includes that grab your code, so you don't have to change main.php - and this is all for the best.

Some might think this software is dumb, but it is to me a great expression of KISS "Keep It Simple Stupid" principles. As I worked on it originally as just the basis for my own website I had large breaks before changing the code. In the first versions/revisions ever posted there were two methods for getting what filenames should be for example, because I'd forgotten my own code.

When I first put it on Github and got some nerds on Freenode to take a look the first thing pointed out was that it was not a CMS, and one said it is a static site generator. I consider it to be on the borderline of both these things, as for instance it dynamically can produce a bitcoin site.

I may include other data updated through cron to this project so it can get status about my server and hosting business. I can do this securely hosting it at Kaizushi's Little Onion Server because I can use SELinux to isolate cron from the website, while having the same *NIX permissions in terms of user and group.

It can be hosted pretty much anywhere, and if you are not a darkweb goon you might find Dreamhost to be suitable. They provide a well-powered shell account and other features that should be of your liking.

About Kaizu Herself

The name Kaizu is the result of some research, it is quite unique and not already taken in many places that exist online. It is a place in Japan and I have never actually been there.

About Kaizu Herself

The name Kaizu is the result of some research, it is quite unique and not already taken in many places that exist online. It is a place in Japan and I have never actually been there.

I am a young woman, and I have been using Linux since just after I stopped being a toddler. I was raised in the Middle East by a rebellious father and my entire childhood was a conspiracy. He helped me not get drawn into the mind destroying ideas of Islam and protected me from the injustice in the country I came from.

I have left the Mid East finally and now am elsewhere in one of those Eastern countries with all the benefits of a Western country. I have no religon and am an atheist and always have been. I was terribly hurt by tragic events I cannot describe, which was when I had my haitus I mentioned at the start of this story.

I am all about more women like myself being involved in STEM and have come up a version of 'neckbard' for the girls and it is: fullbush. I get so busy at the machine just like many neckbeards I forget all hygene habits and don't shave anything. If I have a hairy pussy, it means I am quite busy.

I have a husband who was once devout to Mohammad and all that, but I have changed his mind. I cannot stand anyone who cannot integrate a counter-argument which is the truth they did not see. To me everything is open to debate.

I have no formal training in computer science or software engineering. I am the product of experimentation and such. I have read many books and even find ones for postgrad students understandable. As such my favourite language is C++.

I was considering doing this project in C++ with a FastCGI library someone out there made. I however scoffed at the security and how careful I would be. Sure, I could isolate it with SELinux but it will still get bothered by pests and degenerates.

My work on the deep web is a passion for free speech and my fathers values of resistance against all kinds of tyranny. As far as politics go I like the theories of Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand. I consider myself what Rand would call 'a user of Objectivism' and my biggest enemies are charlatans into Rand who only care about the politics of the present era.

I love children and teaching them about Linux, hacking, and programming languages. I am married and once settled in this new land where I reside I plan to have babies. My husband is looking forward to that day, and even though I am exclusively a dark web vagrant, my husband makes a good living for us to share.

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